15 of the Best Shooting Locations in London for Instagram


It's no secret that London is a beautiful city and there are a lot of options when it comes to photoshoot locations, but it can also be overwhelming to narrow down exactly where you want to shoot. We've gathered our favourite shooting locations in London, so that you don't have to. 

1) St Dunstan 

St Dunstan in the East  is a tranquil hidden treasure in London. This ancient church makes a stunning background for portraits, especially engagement sessions. It has a romantic feel and there often isn't too many people, giving way for some privacy. We love the whimsical plants that stretch about, which are great to hide between to give your photos some depth. 

We've gathered some Instagram photos from Londoners who also love St Dunstan.

                               london locations photography gifts

london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts
@jessicalam17                  @roeldevriesfoto                        @roeldevriesfoto

2) Chelsea Physic Garden

Chelsea Physic Garden is a quaint garden area and one of the oldest botanical gardens in London. It is often forgotten about, which means there usually isn't too many people getting in the way of your photos. We love this location for any type of session, but personally, I adore it for maternity photos. You do have to pay (not much) to get in, and it is worth seeking permission to take some photos if you are taking loads of gear. 

                                  london locations photography gifts  

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@jkthe                                 @clairesmuddyboots                   @clairesmuddyboots

3) Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard is a small alley way in London's Covent Garden. It's colourful with a lot of brick and greenery making it a quirky and fun location for any photo session. You may have to work around it being busy, but you can either let it add to the feel of the photos, or show up early in the morning. 

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   @moje.petra.holikova                                                @searching4grace

4) Kings Cross - Light Tunnel

If you're looking for a moodier feel with some edge, try shooting at the light tunnel at Kings Cross. This 90 meter long tunnel is lined with colourful lights (usually purple), and although dark, you can get creative with long shutter speeds or flash. 

      london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts
       @andykwhau                                                        @loumckew

5) Camden Town

In North West London, Camden is a bustling part of the city with eccentric shops, markets and the beautiful Regents Canal which make perfect backdrops for photos. Just one look and it's no wonder the famous Amy Winehouse called this town home.
     photography gifts locations london london locations photography gifts
      @chanel.fortune                                                      @strictly_streetart

    photography gifts locations london london locations photography gifts
     @anna_lipk                                                               @mechaselvoid

6) Little Green Street

This little street is very picturesque with an old town feel and colourful doors for pops of colour. It's usually pretty empty giving it a private feel and lots to work with. You can find it just off of Highgate Road in Kentish Town.

          london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts
           @vieirapablo                                            @idasensei

7) Isabella Plantation

With 40 acres to explore Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park is a stunning natural location perfect for family photos. You can find a variety of plant life and visit the ponds as well as a pretty little stream. I would advise getting early for some privacy, gates open at 7:00am in the Summer. 

      london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts
      @brendon122000                                                              @stellacassanelli
                   photography locations london


8) Leake Street 

Leake Street, also affectionally known as Banksy Tunnel, is a dream for those who love shooting in urban and edgy locations. With it's colourful graffiti and artwork it has a very artsy feel and would be perfect for a fashion or editorial shoot. It can get quite dark so flash photography is recommended. 

london locations photography gifts  london locations photography gifts
@graciegras1                                                       @urban_london_street_art

london leake street photography locations photography locations leake street london
@the_kiwi_steppa                                                 @mathildevsy

9) Barbican Conservatory

If you can get permission, the Barbican Conservatory can be a beautiful location to shoot in, especially if it is raining outside. It is only open on Sundays, but it's tropical plants and exotic fish give it a fantastic vibe and great backdrops. 

barbican conservatory london photography locations  london photography locations
@lottie.whyman                                                      @jwfairey
 photography location london london photography locations
 @kellyfrost91                                                        @kalemmichael

10) Brick Lane

Brick Lane is an eccentric and unique area with many trendy shops, restaurants, and a variety of urban backdrops of graffiti. It is usually busy, but is a great location for fashion or portraits. 

         london brick lane photography locations brick lane photography locations london
         @oadventures                                 @vojtech_tkac

         photography locations london photography locations london brick lane
         @berkeleysqb                                                        @higaelle

11) Syon Park and Conservatory

Beautiful both inside and out the Great Conservatory in Syon park has an elegant and romantic feel. It is a great location if you are wanting to avoid the English rain, or to explore the surrounding areas on the occasional sunny day. Find everything from ponds to fields and grasslands. You'll often see weddings planned here or fellow bloggers taking some snaps.

photography locations london syon photography location london syon park 
@wendycure                                                                 @one.nine.eight.eight

12) Mayfield Lavender Farm 

You've probably seen the influx of lavender field photos on Instagram lately and may be wondering where they were taken. Mayfield Lavender Farm is a wonderful farm that allows the public to explore their fields, and for professional photographers to rent out spots/times to avoid the crowds and for business and commercial purposes. Their fees are very reasonable the the staff are super helpful. 

 mayfield lavender field london photography locoation photography locations lavender mayfield london
 @tingii_c                                           @xoshaynaj

13) Five Arches River 

The Five Arches are found in Foots Cray Meadows, a beautiful park spanning 240 acres, a mixture of fields and forest. It is a beautiful natural location with a lot of greenery and open space. 

   photography london locations five arches photography london locations five arches
    @clairelowe76                                        @ked_wards

                         photography locations london

14) Holland Park

Holland Park  in Kensington-Chelsea London is a lovely little park featuring the Kyoto Garden Waterfall by a Japanese designer, as well as woodlands. You can also find the Holland House. It is a tranquil location which is usually quiet and perfect for family sessions.

          photography london locations photography location london
          @jessicarubiniaruzza                          @begumzar

                             photography london location

15) Little Venice

Little Venice is a very scenic area near Camden with stunning canals and waterways. It is lined with quirky cafes, restaurants and shops. It can be quite busy so I suggest going early in the morning. 

     photography london locations photography locations london
     @outfitteuze                                    @florenciasanna

What are your favourite shooting locations? Have you shot at any of these? How did you find it? Let us know!

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A special thank you to all of the talented Instagrammers who allowed us to feature their photos.

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