5 Tips for Photographing Portraits this Autumn

It's no secret that Autumn is every photographers favourite time of the year. With the rich colours, crisp days and soft light it can make for beautiful and dreamy portraits. That's why we're sharing our 5 Tips for Photographing Portraits this Autumn.

1. Explore New Locations

Autumn is the perfect excuse to explore new locations in order to find those stunning tones and colours. Speak to other photographers, have a look at Instagram and have a peek at your local parks to find the best locations. Corn mazes and pumpkin patches also provide the best backdrops for an autumnal feel.

If you know your trees, Beech, Japanese Maple and Spindle trees all make fantastic colourful leaves.

2. Wait for the Right Light

Autumn morning light, as well as evening light, are equally beautiful for different reasons, it all depends on what you are after. If you're an early bird the morning can bring the cool mist and fog for some dreamy images, while the evening can bring that well sought after golden light shining through the leaves.

3. Get Wide 

Try shooting with a wide angle lens or step away from your subjects in order to capture the whole scene and the beauty of the season.

4. Focus on Warmth 

Autumn is all about being cosy, rich colours and staying warm, so why not bring that warmth into your photos? Through controlling your white balance and editing you can add that extra warmth to your images.

5. Get a Little Wild 

At the end of the day this is all about having fun and enjoying the season, so don't be afraid to get a little wild. After all, who doesn't like to play in the leaves?

There you have it, our 5 Tips for Photographing Portraits this Autumn. We'd love to hear from you on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest or have your images featured by using the hashtag #giveityourbestshot

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