Tips on Photographing Your Kids this Summer

Now that it is officially summer and the kids will be free from school they will be around a lot more - which means more photo opportunities! That's why we are sharing our tips for photographing the kiddos this summer to help you get the best shots and to embrace that summer feeling.

Let Them Be Wild 

Our favourite part of summer is having the time to let loose and to let the kids be wild. Get in on the action and capture all of the craziness! Photos don't always have to be posed or constructed, why not just let things happen as they do? Blending in and letting the magic happen often creates the best images.

Be Quick

With the running wild comes the need to be quick. Using quick shutter speeds, focusing modes and lenses will come as a huge help. 

Snuggle Up

When it's time to settle down it can be a sweet time to get those cuddly and close up shots. Sharing some quality time together and having it on camera to treasure forever can be really special. It also gives time for the kids to sit down long enough to get those shots!

Include the Pets

I know it sounds crazy adding pets into the mix, but sometimes they can be a welcome distraction especially if they are in a calm mood themselves. 

Follow Their Lead

When it comes down to it the best you can do is to just follow their lead. Whether they are in a good mood, bad mood, excited and all of the in between these are all moments that define them and deserve to be captured and remembered.

Get on Their Level

Especially with younger children, it can be really beneficial to enter their world and get on their level. This will encourage a lot more interaction and help you achieve new perspectives. 

Embrace What They Love

Incorporating the things your children love and are interested in not only will allow you to capture that side of them but they will be much more willing to cooperate and it will make them excited to be in front of the camera

Play Games

This goes hand in hand with embracing what they love. By playing games and interacting together things will appear a lot more natural.

Get in the Water

What says summer more than splashing around? Using underwater housing or our waterproof phone case hop in the pool or have fun at the beach with the kids.

Tickle Time

Nothing gets kids laughing like some tickle time. Sometimes even just mentioning that you're going to tickle them is enough to get a natural smile! 

Encourage Interaction

Encouraging interaction with each other by saying things like "give your sister a cuddle" will help get much more natural and candid images.

Capture Details

Sometimes the details are just as important as capturing smiling faces. The small details can bring back a lot of memories, from the way light plays on the hair, to their tiny hands or bare feet. 

Summer Siesta

The summer heat brings those inevitable siestas, why not use these as an opportunity to capture the peace and quiet? They will only be willing to nap for so long! 

Offer a Reward

We won't call it bribing but... offering a reward like chocolate, ice cream or something they enjoy will encourage them to stay in front of the camera and is a welcome treat.

Stop Stressing

At the end of the day stressing will get you nowhere and it will only pass on stress to the kids. Let go of perfection and simply go with the flow and you'll be surprised at the moments you can capture in between. 

Take Advantage of Golden Hour

Summer is a glorious time for light, especially during golden hour. Taking advantage of this time right before sunset can create some stunning images, so make sure you get out there!

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A x

(all photographs by Abigail Fahey Photography)

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