7 Ways to Create a Consistently Themed Instagram

Have you ever stumbled across an Instagram profile and just drooled over how consistent the feed is? Have you ever noticed that these profiles with a theme also tend to have a lot of followers? Naturally as people we love when things flow together and look clean, which makes us want to tap that "follow" button. 

Creating your own Instagram theme can help you look more professional, put together and creative. Having a consistent feed is something even we are still working on. Hey, this can't be achieved in a day - but if you come up with a plan, practice and stick with it soon you are sure to have one good looking theme! 

To get an idea of what we are talking about have a look at littlefamilylondon, k.els.e.yelainery, anniecollyer and the most popular of all and perhaps the creator of having a theme doyoutravel. Do you notice anything that correlates all of these profiles together? Let's dive into it. 


1. Similar Lighting

When taking high-quality photos for Instagram you should always strive to use natural light - unless you are a studio photographer, using flash especially from a phone doesn't sit well. However, there are also a lot of different kinds of natural light. Using soft morning or evening light or overcast days is your best light - unless you want harsh shadows to be apart of your theme. Or perhaps you only want to post-sunset images? It's your call! Whatever you decide, understand that you should always be taking your photos under the same lighting conditions. 

2. Same Editing Presets

To help create a consistent look it is paramount that you use the same editing process for all of your photos. Whether this is using the same filter, creating your own LightRoom preset, using the same editing app on your phone or simply turning all of your images black and white - as long as you are able to create the same look over and over.

3. Shooting Style

The way you shoot should also be persistent. Using the same type of angles, f-stop numbers, amount of grain etc should also be used throughout. If you like taking flatlays or top-down photos, make sure they appear often and aren't just randomly thrown in. 

4. Props 

Using the same props, or similar props throughout your images will also help provide consistency. However, try not to use the same item too much, or people will start to get bored. Mix things up, and choose props that are the same colours, style etc. A good example of this is anniecollyer 's use of her chunky knitted blanket (and her adorable bunny!)

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5. Colours and Tones

Perhaps the most important element is having consistent colours and tones. Whether you choose to have a bright and vibrant theme like tomwindeknecht or a minimalistic neutral toned theme you have to stick to one or the other. Try picking three colours you would like to stick to - such as black, white and tan and only post images that prominently contain these colours. 

6. Spacing

What I mean by spacing is you need to think about how your photos will interact with each other on your feed. For example, posting two quotes on top of each other, or next to each other can look quite odd, but if you post a quote as your 4th photo every time, they will always land diagonally to each other, which can look quite neat. Some photos will simply just not look great side by side, but if you use a third-party app such as Planoly you can plan what your feed will look like ahead of time. 

7. Captions

To stay consistent you should also have a similar way of writing every time you post a caption. What will your voice sound like? Are you serious or silly? How many emojis will you use? These are all things that you need to think about, but if you just be yourself that's the best start!

There you have it, our 7 Ways to Create a Consistently Themed Instagram. Have anything to add? We would love it here from you on Instagram.

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