Why You Should use Instagram Stories for Your Small Business

Although Instagram Stories was introduced in 2016 the feature has only continued to grow in popularity, surpassing Snapchat and helping make it the most used social media platform of all. The best part? Instagram Stories is an amazing tool you can use for your small business. That's why we're sharing Why You Should Use Instagram Stories for Your Small Business.

1. Create Brand Awareness

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to create brand awareness and staying at the front of your followers' minds. By posting in your stories daily not only will you appear at the top of your followers feeds continuously, but it also elevates the amount and quality of content you can share. No one likes it when a brand spams their feed with too many posts, but when it comes to stories you can share as much content as you would like. 

2. Show Behind the Scenes Content

Instagram Stories gives you the opportunity to show more of your personality and a behind the scenes look at your business and yourself in order to better connect with your audience. Followers love to have an inside look at real life and get to know you better, so don't be afraid to show a bit about your self.

3. Get to Know Your Audience Better

With great features such as the questions sticker, poll sticker and emoji slider you can interact with your followers in a meaningful way and find out what it really is that they like and dislike about your brand and how you can better serve them.

4. Increase your Engagement

Posting in your stories lets Instagram know that you are active which then puts you at the top of followers feeds and increases your engagement. It's what we're all after, isn't it?

5. Gain More Followers

Did you know that Instagram stories are "discoverable"? This means that even those who do not follow you can find your stories, especially if you have used hashtags or are featured in others' stories.

There you have it, 5 reasons you should use Instagram Stories for your Small Business. We'd love to hear from you on 
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