5 Tips for Better Instagram Photos

Do you feel like your Instagram photos could use a boost? Why do some Instagrammers feeds look so much better than others when they're posting with the same app and phone? We've got a few secrets to share that will help step up your Instagram photography and get your feed noticed.

1. Use iPhone Lenses

Did you know that you can buy lenses for your iPhone? From fisheye lenses to macro you can up your Instagram game by changing your perspective. You can snap up our wide lens here.

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2. Use Third Party Editing Apps

You don't always have to rely on the Gingham or Moon Instagram filters, there are third party editing apps that can give your photos the extra pop or vibrance they need. One go to app is A Color Story. My favourite feature with this app is the whiten tool, which gives your photos that light and airy feel. Other popular apps include Snapseed, VSCO and Filterstorm Neue.

3. Think about the Time of Day

Did you know that certain times of days are better for shooting than others? Shooting at sunrise or sunset can help you get that soft, glowy, warm and even lighting that professional photographers drool over. Sunset is known as Golden Hour and the best option for beautiful light (and who wants to get up at sunrise anyway?) If you shoot at midday you will notice sharp and deep dark shadows, especially on subjects' faces which are not flattering. So next time you are out shooting make sure you prioritise the time of day. 

Shooting during overcast days - which we all know we get a lot of here in England - can also help you achieve even lighting. 

4. Think About the Colours

Did you know that certain colours have different effects on people? Warm tones and colours help build a sense of kindness, welcoming and trust while cool tones give a sense of strength and calmness. So while you're posting think about what kind of emotion you want to convey. 

Another interesting fact is that in a photo the first colour someone will look at, no matter what else is in the photo, is red. So if you want to draw attention to something specific that is your go to. 

You also have to keep in mind how your feed and brand look overall. Decide if you want to stick with cool or warm tones, and what colours will be in your images. You want your feed to match and have an overall feel - so that if someone would look at all your photos at once it's clear that they're from the same photographer. Consistency is key.

5. Declutter 

Visually people like clean and more simple images. If your images are too crowded or have too much going on in the background, people don't know what to focus on and will continue to scroll. Try to find blank walls or backgrounds to shoot on. If you're feeling at a loss, you can even try visiting your local hardware store or Pound Land and pick up some materials to use as backgrounds, such as tiles or fadeless paper. If you're shooting small items or products, check out our Mini Portable Photography Studio here.

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There you have it, 5 Tips for Better Instagram Photos. We'd love to hear from you on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest or have your images featured by using the hashtag #giveityourbestshot

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