10 Tips and Tricks for Autumn Landscape Photography

It's no secret that autumn is the most popular time for landscape photography and your Instagram feed is probably being inundated with gorgeous and colourful images giving you major FOMO or photo envy. We've all been there! That's why we're sharing our 10 Tips and Tricks for Autumn Landscape Photography.

1. Experiment with Lenses

When it comes to landscape photography we tend to focus on only using wide angle lenses and sticking with that. Try to experiment with other lenses, and even getting closer to capture the beauty. Landscape photography doesn't translate to just wide shots taken at eye level, it is more about capturing the nature or environment around you. 

2. Try Different Apertures

Again, there is a stigma around landscape photography that you always have to use high apertures for a long depth of field, but don't be afraid to play around with lower apertures for a different effect. Bending the rules and taking risks will often result in unique and stunning images.

3. Wait for the Right Light

Often when we say "wait for the right light" we recommend shooting during golden hour, which still works great for autumn landscapes, but one of our favourite times to shoot is actually early in the morning to capture the soft light and brilliant mist. It is worth the early mornings!

4. Find Colour Contrast

The autumn colours are gorgeous, there's no doubt about that, but to make them pop even more try finding darker elements or different colours to create a contrast to make them pop even more.

5. Long Exposures

Try changing things up by using slower shutter speeds, from around 2 seconds to 1/8, which means using a tripod is a must. From shooting rivers, waterfalls and fast-moving clouds, slowing down can make a photo go from good to great. Use an ND filter if you are shooting in bright situations. 

6. Include Wildlife

Seek out some furry friends to add an extra element to your photos. They don't have to be the centre of attention for landscape photography but they can give your photo some dimension.

7. Find Layers

A strong landscape photo has layer elements, or as they say, a foreground, middle ground and background. Try finding this through tree lines, mountains or hillsides.

8. Search for Reflections 

Reflections are a fantastic way to double the fun and add an interesting element to your images. Seek out still water in lakes, ponds or even puddles.

9. Seek Out Patterns

Patterns can be a very enticing and strong aspect of a photo which draws people in. Through repeating subjects such as trees that have strong lines or textures the possibilities are endless.

10. Protect Your Gear

Autumn can be an unpredictable time of year for the weather and it's important that you protect your gear from the cold and damp. We recommend using a camera raincoat so that you can get out there no matter what and have peace of mind if a rain cloud sneaks up into you. You can find our camera raincoat here.

There you have it, 10 Tips and Tricks for Autumn Landscape Photography. We'd love to hear from you on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest or have your images featured by using the hashtag #giveityourbestshot

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