Use Your Gift: 10 Ways to Giveback Through Photography

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All you have to do is turn on the news to see times are seemingly rough all around the globe these days for a lot of people and in a variety of ways. When it seems like our world is being divided and beat down, it's the perfect time to pull together and spread some love and kindness instead. As photographers, we hold a lot of talent which can help others in so many ways. If you'd like to give back we've brainstormed 10 ideas to help you get on the right track.

1. Adoptable Pet Portraits

You may have seen a recent article from PetaPixel about the Florida animal shelter that smashed it's 48 year adoption record because a professional photographer took high quality portraits of it's adoptable animals. A first impression can mean a lot, especially for pets looking for a new home. Most people search online through photos for adoptable animals, so an eye-catching photo can make a huge difference for their chances of finding a new forever family. If you're an animal lover check in with your local animal shelter and volunteer to take professional portraits of their adoptable pets and I guarantee you'll make a big difference.

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2. Donate Proceeds from Mini Sessions

If you're a family photographer who often does successful mini session days, why not organise a date where proceeds are given to your favourite local charity? It's a fun and easy way to get a lot of people involved in a great cause. 

photography photographer gifts london help giveback

3. Auction off a Print

If you are a landscape or wildlife photographer you can auction off one of your favourite prints and donate the earnings to a charity. This can easily be done online through a variety of social media platforms, ebay or

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

4. Spruce up a Website

A lot of charities have their own websites, but don't have enough time, resources or money to spend on it. Having professional photos on a website gives it more credibility, makes a great impression and encourages people to stay on the page. If you're able to, volunteer with a charity to take professional photos for their site and if you're good with basic web design why not help with that as well. 

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

5. Photography Based NGO Trips

If you have a love for travel like we do there are many NGO trips abroad where your skills can be both helpful and inspiring. Whether it is taking photos for a website and pamphlets, journalism, or having fun with children and taking their portraits there are a variety of ways photography can help. The most common organization is Photographers Without Borders, however you can also check out the NGO Photographers Alliance.

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

6. Therapeutic Photography

There are a variety of programs that use photography as therapy for both those with mental and physical illnesses or disabilities. Allowing those to express themselves, explore and learn a new skill gives both confidence and a feeling of self worth. Consider looking into therapy programs near you where you can help volunteer or even start a therapeutic club yourself.

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

7. Create a Meaningful Series

As photographers, we know better than anyone else the meaning, depth and impact a photo can have. If you're feeling creative start your own series that highlights a cause that is dear to your heart. Whether it is animal welfare, climate change, mental health, cancer research - anything that speaks to your heart!

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

8. Mother's Day Giveaway for Single Moms

Being a mother can be tough, and being a single mom can be even tougher. Often single mothers work extremely hard to make ends meet and forget to take care of themselves, or can't afford to hire a professional photographer. It can even be as simple as they have no one to take the photos with them in it. Brighten someone's day (probably year!) by doing a Mother's Day Giveaway for a free photo session. You can have mothers enter themselves or have people nominate a mother they believe deserves a treat. 

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

9. Retouch Damaged Photos

Sometimes you will find that families have precious photos of grandparents, many who have passed, that have been damaged or worn with age. Maybe someone has been through a natural disaster and their images have been damaged. Either way, if you are a photoshop wiz offer to scan damaged images, retouch and reprint them to bring them back to their former beauty. 

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

10. Inspire Youth 

There are a lot of children and teenagers who are interested in photography as a fulfilling hobby or even as a career but don't have the right people in their life to help inspire, teach and guide them in the right direction. Consider holding a youth photography club or simply taking on a mentor rule for a deserving person. 

photography photographer london gifts help giveback volunteer

There you have it, 10 Ways to Giveback Through Photography.We'd love to hear from you on InstagramFacebook or Pinterest or have your images featured by using the hashtag #giveityourbestshot 

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