How to to take better photos using your iPhone Camera

This easy-paced workshop takes approximately 3hrs and includes light refreshments. All you need to bring is your phone, preferably with a full battery and some clear memory....for both the phone and you!

Our aim for these workshops is to keep them short and fun, while teaching you tips and tricks to take fab images straight from your iPhone. The course requires a host to get together a group of between 6 and 8 people. Abigail will then run the course at an agreed venue.

Camera Phone Workshop

Camera Phone Workshop

Get together with a group of your friends and spend a few hours learning how to take great photos on your phone. Suitable for up to 8 people. Abigail will
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Principles of Good Photography: 

1. Photographer's Mindset
2. Light
3. Composition
4. Tips and techniques for more unique images
5. Unique ways to release the shutter

The Essentials for Taking Photos:

1. iPhone camera settings
2. Set up WhatsApp Group
3. How to hold your iPhone
4. Quick ways to open the camera app
5. Unique ways to release the shutter

Creative iPhone Techniques

1. Burst Mode
2. HDR
3. Panoramic
4. Portrait Mode - iPhone 7plus and up 5. Live Mode - iPhone 7plus and up
6. Dual Lens - iPhone 7plus and up

Techniques for Common Photography Situations

1. Landscape Photos
2. Portrait Photos
3. Travel Photos
4. Night Photos


1. Choosing an editing app
2. Colour and Exposure
3. White Balance
4. Histograms

Printing and Storing

1. iCloud Settings
2. Preserving Quality
3. Aspect Ratio
4. Preparing to Print


The convenience of having a camera with us at all times truly has changed how we capture the story of our lives. There are the moments when taking a quick snap or a selfie will do, but when you don't have a big camera at hand how do you get that all important shot? We love working with our clients to help them learn more about their iPhones and teach them how to make the most out of these clever devices. We teach simple technics and tips to help as well as explaining a bit more about one of the fundamental basics of good photography......LIGHT!

Take a look at some iPhone photos!